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You chose child care because you love kids, not paperwork. Child Care Daily App makes it fast and easy to log required daily reports and to share updates with parents, in real time. You can spend your time interacting with and nurturing children. For Directors and Owners, Child Care Daily App saves your staff time, creates accountability and streamlines the important communication process with parents. It’s more secure and “green”, too – no more stacks of daily reports.

Here are some real comments from day care teachers, directors and owners. Sound familiar? Click on the + to see how Child Care Daily App can help:


  “It’s very time consuming having to write the same basic information down for all 12 children in my class. I’d rather be playing and interacting with the children.” Felona - infant teacher

CCDApp is highly intuitive and as simple as a point and click to post items and messages for multiple children or each child individually. It saves time allowing you to interact and to spend more time with the children.

  “First time parents can find it very challenging to go through the whole day without knowing how their child is doing.” Brittany - infant teacher

Having a sheet at the end of the day only captures so much information and makes it difficult for the parent struggling with the separation. By using this, you bridge that gap and the parents can feel connected by accessing the information at any point throughout the day.

  “We spend so much time filling out the children’s records for parents, but a lot of times they forget and leave the paper behind.” Candice - toddler teacher

CCDApp keeps all the information captured and recorded conveniently in the cloud and the parents can access it at any time on all web enabled devices.

  “Parents are so rushed when they come to pick up their child, we don’t have time to tell them about all the wonderful parts of their child’s day.” Jennifer - infant teacher

With CCDApp you can share pictures, lesson plan activities, personalized messages, and so much more to keep parents actively engaged and informed throughout the work day.

  “As an owner, I constantly struggle to stand out from my local competitors.” Debbie - owner

CCDApp is a program designed by a couple who own and operate multiple child care centers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This program was created to help them deal with their common frustrations and by having this in your center you can be among the first to offer this service to your parents.

  “Our state requires that we keep daily sheets/reports for 30 days. The build up of paper is such a waste.” Beverly - director

CCDApp keeps and backs up the sheets/reports for each child on our server and allows you to retrieve them at any time to print, and share.